Steak Beat vol. 1 [ENGLISH] | 23.02

Data: 23.02.2019
Godzina: 13:00 - 16:00

Miejsce: Comfort Food Studio, Hala Koszyki, ul. Koszykowa 63, Warszawa


Sprzedaż biletów zakończona.



There are many myths surrounding meat and beef in particular. Watching many culinary programs, we have heard countless mutually exclusive tips and theories about buying, processing and cooking meat. We suspect that many people have experienced a similar feeling of being lost in the thicket of such unsubstantiated opinions, covering the culinary truth hidden somewhere among them. We have decided to explore this topic and show you the principles and rules that we believe are right. If you want to learn how to buy and process, what to combine and not to combine with steak meat, we invite you to our academy.


  • Toast with a hanger steak, parmesan mayonnaise and rucola
  • Roast beef steak with shallots, mushrooms and brandy sauce with French fries in parmesan
  • Slow-roasted beef sirloin baked with tomatoes, garlic, herbal bouquet and pepper sauce
  • Roast from ribeye in pistachio-crumble, served with demi glace and mashed potato puree

Julian Karewicz – he has done basically everything in the gastronomy. He happened to be a cloakroom attendant and even a chef in a Japanese restaurant.
For many years he was the head manager of the bar on Solec 44 and head grill master at Weber Grills. He has his own event management firm called Grill Gorillas and runs a blog „barkuchnia” on He is the co-author of the book „Recipes and Tales”. He is fascinated by the local products and bartending, in which cooking is more frequent than juggling.